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I have learned some great techniques on my nail art journey and I would like to share them with you all. I have gotten several requests for information on how I do certain things so I decided to make a few tutorial videos to help you all learn as well.

How I mix my color acrylcs

Many people use color acrylics to create their 3d nail art designs. I personally haven't tried due to the fact that they can be a bit expensive if you use them frequently. I discovered that dust eye shadow & mica pigments can be added to clear acrylics to create your own custom colored acrylic for a much lower price. Originally I thought that the shadow needed to be powder but in desperation for a brown one time, I just used compressed and it turned out fabulous! In this video I showed both techniques in mixing the acrylic. I recently got some dust eyeshadows from ebay seller Tamanala and I also have been using LA Colors powder eyeshadow & compressed as well. I have plans to purchase some NYX dust eyeshadows because the containers are huge! I will definitely make a haul for that!

Slicing Fimo 

This tutorial hasn't been requested as of yet, but I figured I shoud go ahead and make it since I am giving Fimo Canes away and I'm sure I will have some questions in regards to how to cut it. This was my 1st attempt at cutting & I must say it really wasn't hard at all. I purchased my Fimo canes from de-palace store on ebay for about $4.20 with shipping.

Playin with Glitter 

I made this tutorial in the event that I get questions about how to mix glitter acrylic. There are cases when I have a hard time with it, especially the ones with confetti. There are several different techniques and I have tried a few. Some work for me and some don't...But I'll keep experimenting until I have it down to a science. I get much of my glitter from Michael's Craft Store and JoAnn Fabrics. The only glitter I have gotten online is confetti Glitter from And there is one thing that I want to say...when buying online, don't just get the 1st thing you see, shop around for the best price! Don't get got. ;)

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