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Nsi Attraction Acrylic Line
This is the line of acrylics that I currently use. I purchased them from EZnails.

 Acrylics from Sally's Beauty Supply 
Please note that I no longer use these products but I do think that they are good products for beginners.

 NSI Color Acrylic Lines
 I purchased these from EZnails.

Groovy Collection

Spectrum Collection

Hypnotix Boutique Acrylics
 I received these items for review from Hypnotix Boutique LLC.

 Born Pretty Items
I received these items for review from Born Pretty Store.

Born Pretty Nail Art

Deco Polish Rack
I was sent this cute polish rack to review by Deco Polish Racks. Use promo code LOLO for $5 discount during the month of November!!!

Prize Winnings

These are items that I have won in contests. you can view the complete blog post by clicking the title link!

3D Extravaganza Nail Art Contest Prizes 
Listed in this blog post are links to Dollface's sites.

These items I won from designernailvideos nail art contest. She has an online store called Designer Nail Supply were all these products can be found.

Summer Haul 7/6/10

Craft Store Stuff
I recently purchased some new glitters & things & here's all the info =)

My Nail Art Collection & Storage to date

Below you will find a 4 part playlist of my collection to date. In the videos I mention where I purchased all of my products and storage items. Much of the storage supplies I got from either Family Dollar or the Dollar Tree. Please note that I am very cost concerned so I definitely try to save money wherever I can. I have posted links to all of the stores that I use online in the side area of my blog for your convenience. If you have any suggestions as to information that may be useful, please don't hesitate to contact me! Please enjoy!

 Tamanala Ebay Store Haul 

These Items were purchased @ tamanala ebay store. They were my Valentine's Day gift from my hubby. <3

 Nail Art Decorations

This is the first 3d nail art decoration collection video that I made. This was very early in my collection. As you can see, I have developed quite an addiction!
>All of the pearl and flower decorations I bought on Ebay. The seller I got the majority from is Karlinsue.
The bow nail art decorations I purchased from RHINESTONES AND CRAFTS.
I purchased all of the Lace sticker from seller Tamanala.

Bday haul  

All of these products were purchased from Michael's craft store. These items are mostly for jewelery making but I thought it might be of interest.

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