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Nerdy Vlogs

Hey Y'all! I have decided for 2012 I will be doin some vids for what Im callin my Nerdy Vlog. These videos will be about different tools I use to share my work with you all. Whether it be software I use to edit video or images or equiptment like cameras, cam corders and computers. I'll show you websites to get information and resources as well.

I want to say that I am by no means an expert in these matters but I will say that I know how to get information! This is where I will share all of the information about these matters.If this is something that intrests you as well, feel free to join in! =)

Tag! Youtube Channel Layout

Editing the new youtube channel design

GIMP Image Manipulation, cut & paste 

Gimp Brushes

Creating a Watermark for your pictures using Gimp

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