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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Barbie for Tokidoki

Hey Yall! Around Christmas time I saw a Barbie doll that was made for Tokidoki on facebook....I HAD TO TRY IT!!! LOL As you may know I love Tokidoki and the Barbie doll was so fly! I love the colors and the style!Of course the Barbie was inspired by Robin Moses!

To create the design I used inspiration from her outfit and purse. I painted the her face on the thumb with a black backround. I did the Leopard legging pattern on the index and pinky fingers. I did the purse pattern on the ring finger and the Barbie and Tokidoki logos on the middle finger.

I hope y'all like it! You can purchase this set on my web store here for $25 with FREE SHIPPING!

1 comment:

bassoma abel said...

you did i great nail art
i love it
i follow you,follow me back if yu like

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