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Friday, December 23, 2011

Sugar Plum Christmas Tree

Hey Y'all! The design that I am about to show you was intended to be a full hand design. Unfortunately there was a bit of a mishap and the main nail got lost! LOL!!! But I definately wanted to show you all the rest of the design before the Holiday came upon us. This was another hand painted design so of course I needed to consult with Robin Moses' videos to get my inspiration!
I used several products from Hypnotix Boutique LLC. I have them listed in the videos that I will post below. The color acrylics I used were Bold White and Live It Up Sparkle along with an iridescent lilac glitter mix I made a long time ago and the purple holographic diamond confetti I got from Born Pretty store. The acrylic paints that I used were dark purple, green, white and gold.

Now let me give you the background info on this design because it's funny...=)
I wanted to make a purple design for Christmas and the 1st thing that came to mind was the Sugar Plum Fairy from the Christmas ballet the Nutcracker. After google pictures for inspiration I figured out the position for my fairy and of course decided to put her on the Thumb nail of the design. I also came across pictures of Sugar plums and sugar plum decoration so I decided to make a Christmas tree on the ring finger and make a garland on the rest as the manicure line.

After successfully getting the nails done and the design painted and recorded of the tree and garland pictures, I started out with the hardest one...the fairy. I got all the way to the end of the painting and it actually was looking kind of awesome but then I totally went coocoo and messed it up! XD So I took off the paint and decided to start over another day because I was obviously sick of it. When I went to look for the nail to redo it a few days later....I couldn't find it anywhere!!! I think that my cats may have been playing with it....I bet now that I have posted the video I'll find it in a corner somewhere on Christmas morning LOL!
Don't they just look like trouble! =)

Anyway, I decided to just post the garland and tree designs in time for Christmas. The video below is what I recorded of painting the fairy. I sped it up a lot. It's pretty funny watching it go wrong! XD
I hope all have a blessed and happy Holiday!


lovely nyc gal said...

Indeed that was so cute! :)

fingernail said...

Fantastic!Really did a creative job!

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