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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pink & Silver New Year's Design 2012

Hey Y'all! As promised, here is part two of my New Year's design. As I said yesterday, when I got in the middle of doing my nails I decided to do each hand a different color. I realized that I had the same decorations in pink, silver and white. I decided to go for it because it would be a nice contrast to the dark colors I have on my left hand.

I used a mixture of NSI Radiant White and NSI Tie Dye Pink to make a pastel pink. I should have used the NSI Superfine Bold White in the mix because as you can see they didn't blend so well...Oh well, lesson learned =P Anyways then I used a silver holographic glitter acrylic I made with glitter from Designer Nail Supply (won in a contest) and NSI Radiant White on the tip.

I decided not to record doing my left hand as it is not a pretty site. =P I am practicing sculpting Stilletto tips and had tried out the purple & black on a stiletto....but it popped right off! XD I knew I needed to practice a while before doing it on my own nails plus I wanted to see how it would look. Having said all that, I decided to continue my practice while recording the design in these colors. Hope you all enjoy!

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