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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nail Art Inspired by Robin Moses

Hey yall! I discovered the most amazing nail artist....Robin Moses and I wanted to share some designs that she inspired me to do. You can find her work at the following sites:
Be sure to check out her work and tutorials. They make it very easy to learn to perfect you hand painting techniques!


robinmosesnailart said...

charity, you are just absolutely awesome. i wish i could hug you. these are all so so beautiful and i can truly feel your love for art...its almost like i can watch you get better and better and it makes me so happy. just fantastic work and i am honored to help teach you in any way i have a true gift.


UVdryer said...

Really fantastic!

3D Nail Art said...

thanks so much y'all =)

christine a said...

I love allll your nails girl omgosh.....please when u can check out my blog at and email me ur blog address ill post it on mine so people will visit yours thanks again for sharing your talented nail art with us.....xo

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