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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pink & Silver New Year's Design 2012

Hey Y'all! As promised, here is part two of my New Year's design. As I said yesterday, when I got in the middle of doing my nails I decided to do each hand a different color. I realized that I had the same decorations in pink, silver and white. I decided to go for it because it would be a nice contrast to the dark colors I have on my left hand.

I used a mixture of NSI Radiant White and NSI Tie Dye Pink to make a pastel pink. I should have used the NSI Superfine Bold White in the mix because as you can see they didn't blend so well...Oh well, lesson learned =P Anyways then I used a silver holographic glitter acrylic I made with glitter from Designer Nail Supply (won in a contest) and NSI Radiant White on the tip.

I decided not to record doing my left hand as it is not a pretty site. =P I am practicing sculpting Stilletto tips and had tried out the purple & black on a stiletto....but it popped right off! XD I knew I needed to practice a while before doing it on my own nails plus I wanted to see how it would look. Having said all that, I decided to continue my practice while recording the design in these colors. Hope you all enjoy!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Purple & Gold New Year's Design 2012

Hey y'all! I was inspired to do my design for New Year's by Ladynails of Wild Side Nails. The last couple of times she has done her hands with the same design but different colors. I really like that a lot and think it is so striking! So in the middle of planning my design I threw that idea in the mix and this is what I came up with!

Part 1 is the left hand. I will be doing part 2 in the next couple of days since I didn't record doing the left hand LOL. I will do it in stilletto form on a practice finger so stay tuned for that! For the left hand I used a mixture of NSI Plum and Basic black, NSI Basic Black, gold holographic foil flakes I won from designernailvideos, and plum diamond confetti that I won from Lysa209.

Hope you like it! Happy New Year!

Chanel Inspired New Year's Design 2012

Hey Y'all! I came up with this design while trying to figure out what to do to my nails for New Year's. I also did this because I wanted to practice sculpting stilletto tips. I decided against doing stilletto tips on myself because as you can see, I need Practice LOL!

The design itself is very simple and I only used a few items. I used NSI Basic Black acrylic, silver holographic striping tape and a Chanel sticker from Born Pretty store. Hope you like it!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Sugar Plum Christmas Tree

Hey Y'all! The design that I am about to show you was intended to be a full hand design. Unfortunately there was a bit of a mishap and the main nail got lost! LOL!!! But I definately wanted to show you all the rest of the design before the Holiday came upon us. This was another hand painted design so of course I needed to consult with Robin Moses' videos to get my inspiration!
I used several products from Hypnotix Boutique LLC. I have them listed in the videos that I will post below. The color acrylics I used were Bold White and Live It Up Sparkle along with an iridescent lilac glitter mix I made a long time ago and the purple holographic diamond confetti I got from Born Pretty store. The acrylic paints that I used were dark purple, green, white and gold.

Now let me give you the background info on this design because it's funny...=)
I wanted to make a purple design for Christmas and the 1st thing that came to mind was the Sugar Plum Fairy from the Christmas ballet the Nutcracker. After google pictures for inspiration I figured out the position for my fairy and of course decided to put her on the Thumb nail of the design. I also came across pictures of Sugar plums and sugar plum decoration so I decided to make a Christmas tree on the ring finger and make a garland on the rest as the manicure line.

After successfully getting the nails done and the design painted and recorded of the tree and garland pictures, I started out with the hardest one...the fairy. I got all the way to the end of the painting and it actually was looking kind of awesome but then I totally went coocoo and messed it up! XD So I took off the paint and decided to start over another day because I was obviously sick of it. When I went to look for the nail to redo it a few days later....I couldn't find it anywhere!!! I think that my cats may have been playing with it....I bet now that I have posted the video I'll find it in a corner somewhere on Christmas morning LOL!
Don't they just look like trouble! =)

Anyway, I decided to just post the garland and tree designs in time for Christmas. The video below is what I recorded of painting the fairy. I sped it up a lot. It's pretty funny watching it go wrong! XD
I hope all have a blessed and happy Holiday!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Candy Canes with Holly

Hey Y'all! Here is a candy Cane look that I came up with for Christmas. I used holographic glitter acrylic to reate the nail and painted the candy cane stripes with white acrylic paint before encapsulating. Then I used NSI Leaf Green acrylic to create the Holly leaves and red rhinestones for the berries. I did one look as a french tip and another full nail. Hope you all like it. Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Killer Klaus inspired by Robin Moses

Hey Y'all! I was inspired to do this design by Robin Moses Evil Snowmen Design. I also got the idea of Santa holding the Elf's head from Her Halloween Barbie Design. I used a blend of watercolor and acrylic paints to create this design. The set that I have is comparable to the one I am linking below. The exact brand name is Reeve's Water Color and it has 18 colors. I paid about $12 for that one.

Below will be a pic of each finger. Hope you all like it.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Gingerbread Man

Hey Y'all! Here is another Christmas design. This one has a 3D Gingerbread man. I used NSI Leaf Green and Fire Engine Red along with a green and red glitter mix on the tip. Then I used brown acrylic from Born Pretty store to make the Gingerbread man. Then I used red, white, light brown and black acrylic paints to decorate him. I hope you all like it!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Bells

Hey Y'all! This is another Christmas design that I came up with. I created the base of this design with the Illuminati Metallic acrylic that I got from Hypnotix Boutique. I also used green holographic glitter faded on the manicure line and gold holographic glitter faded on the tip. I decorated the nail with gold bells and red bows.

I hope you enjoy the design and have a safe and happy holiday!

Let It Snow Collaboration

Hey Y'all! I created this design as part of a massive youtube collaboration effort started by Robin Moses and ProffesionalDQ of youtube. There were over 90 participants of the collaboration, and you can check out all of the designs by viewing this playlist.

To create this design I used Icey Blue Metallic and Chromed out Metallic acrylic from Hypnotix Boutique and clear and blue mylar as well as silver mini beads. Then I hand painted snowflakes on each nail. I hope you like it!

Hypnotix Boutique Acrylics Review

Hey Y'all! I received some acrylic samples from Hypnotix Boutique to review for you! The online store offers a full acrylic line with over 115 gorgeous colors to chose from. In addition to Acrylics they also offer nail art supplies, handbags, accessories, jewelry and make up.

The color swatches I am showing today are Live it Up Sparkle, Dark Blue, Icey Blue Metallic, Chromed Out Metallic, Illuminati Metallic and Bright White. They are all gorgeous!

Here are the swatches of each color together, Below I have posted the video review. Be sure to visit the online store! Stay tuned for some designs using these products!

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