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Friday, October 22, 2010

Love at 1st Bite

Hey Y'all! This is a vampy design I made for Halloween! Sexy Vampire mouth. =) This design is the 3rd in my Halloween series on my new nail art channel I named 3Dnailart. Please be sure to check it out & subscribe. That is where I have been uploading all my design and will upload to from here on out.

Anyway...onto what I used to make this design. I made an iridescent red glitter acrylic which I used as the pool of blood & drops on the tip. Then I filled the rest in with a black acrylic I made with mica powder from Coastal Scents mixed with black glitter. After I encapsulated the tip I made the vampire lips with red acrylic and the fangs with white.

Hope y'all like it!


Bless said...

omg i love this one. i love your work. i always watch you and tanja on youtube =) i love acrylics too but i havent done any great work out of it yet. i ran out of acrylic liquid. looking forward to your awesome 3d designs.

Jezika said...

Your nail art is amazing. I could look at pictures or videos of it all day. I really love this design ;)

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