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Friday, October 22, 2010

Hello Kitty Black Cat Costume

Hey Y'all! This is my 2nd Halloween design. It's based on the cute Black Cat costume Kitty is wearing on a wallpaper I am using on my new youtube channel.

For this design I made an orange Halloween mix that has tons of stuff in it. I used neon orange fine glitter as the base, then I added iridescent small orange hexagons, orange tinsel shred glitter and black small hexagons as well. To top the mix off I used black stars, mini & hollow stars & crescent moon spangles. Then I used black, white, yellow & purple acrylic to make Hello Kitty and the bat.

Please enjoy this cute design!


Eileen said...

Very pretty and characters are sooo cute.

Anonymous said...

sooo cute... this is something to die for.. :P love it !!

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