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Friday, October 1, 2010

Dainty Flowers

Hey Y'all! I made this design as an entry to GraceSoto805's 300 subscriber contest. The stipulations of this contest were to use blue, glitter or hearts to create the design. I chose the color blue.

I used blue & white acrylic, Konad flower stickers and pale yellow pearls to create this design. I am using NSI Attraction acrylic line in purely pink as the base and totally clear for cover.



Alice said...

This one is soo cute! japanese inspired!

Eileen said...

I just adore this design!!!! Love, love, love it. I do my own nails but Oh how I wish I could have YOU do my nails. I have a couple of questions which may be redundant as you may have answered them in another video somewhere but....
1. Where do you get your colored acrylics...not the glitters, or foils, but the plain colors like the blue you use in this video?
2. What size brush and what type of brush are you using to apply the acrylic to form the nail. Not the smaller one you used to form the flower but the bigger one?

Just have to say again that I just love your work...the shape and designs you do. Just brilliant.

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