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Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's the Great Pumpkin!

Hey Y'all! This is my last Halloween design I created for this year's series. =( This design is based on Charlie Brown's Halloween story It's the Great Pumpkin! I made a couple of holographic glitter mixes for the background. I made a green with the holographic that were Olive color and some chunky dark green glitter for the grass. I used light green & olive foil for the leaves. I made a blue holographic mix with the small blue hexagons for the sky. For this design I wanted to try some inlaid 3d acrylic sculpture to give some depth by making a few pumpkins & the moon. Hope you all like it!

The Grudge Acrylic Nail Art

Hey Y'all! This is my Halloween design based on the movie The Grudge. I made Kayako's eye embedded into my thumb and Toshio's face on my ring finger. To create the background I made a red & black glitter mix with red holographic, small red hexagons, small black hexagons & tiny black rectangles. I also added a few large black hexagons on all the finger except the thumb. Hope you all enjoy!

Ringu part 2

Hey Y'all! This is the 2nd Ring inspired design I created for Halloween. I decided to try making her coming out of the well!

I used the same products as part one of the design. Sorry this post is short! I have a few I want to add before the night is over. Have a safe & happy Halloween!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Love at 1st Bite

Hey Y'all! This is a vampy design I made for Halloween! Sexy Vampire mouth. =) This design is the 3rd in my Halloween series on my new nail art channel I named 3Dnailart. Please be sure to check it out & subscribe. That is where I have been uploading all my design and will upload to from here on out.

Anyway...onto what I used to make this design. I made an iridescent red glitter acrylic which I used as the pool of blood & drops on the tip. Then I filled the rest in with a black acrylic I made with mica powder from Coastal Scents mixed with black glitter. After I encapsulated the tip I made the vampire lips with red acrylic and the fangs with white.

Hope y'all like it!

Fall Acrylic Design with Skeleton Leaves

Hey Yall! This fall design is what Im currently wearing on my nails. I submitted this as am entry to BeautiesFactory's nail art contest. The winner will be determined by the most likes. Please visit their facebook event page and click the like link under my design picture to vote for me! The contest ends on October 30th.

To create this design I used purple skeleton leaves, dark & light purple ring spangles and 2 purple glitter mixes. The 1st glitter mix I made with chunky dark purple & holographic glitter and the 2nd I made with white iridescent glitter and plum fine & small hexagons. I also used dark & light purple polish to accent.

I hope y'all like the design. Actually even though I have only had the design on for 2 weeks I am thinking about changing it so I can do a Halloween look. =D

Hello Kitty Black Cat Costume

Hey Y'all! This is my 2nd Halloween design. It's based on the cute Black Cat costume Kitty is wearing on a wallpaper I am using on my new youtube channel.

For this design I made an orange Halloween mix that has tons of stuff in it. I used neon orange fine glitter as the base, then I added iridescent small orange hexagons, orange tinsel shred glitter and black small hexagons as well. To top the mix off I used black stars, mini & hollow stars & crescent moon spangles. Then I used black, white, yellow & purple acrylic to make Hello Kitty and the bat.

Please enjoy this cute design!

Autumn Rose

Here is another fall design that I created for the season. The inspiration for this design is the beautiful bright orange and red roses that are so popular at this time of year. I have seen many lovely table center pieces featuring these lovelies for Thanksgiving spreads. =D I just had to try it out.

To create the background for this design I faded 2 glitter mixes that I made. The 1st mix is fine brown glitter mixed with small brown hexagons. The 2nd is orange iridescent fine glitter & small hexagons mixed with chunky orange holographic glitter. Then I used bright orange & red acrylic to make the rose and green acrylic to make the leaves.

Hope this design gets you all in the mood for the upcoming holidays! =)

Autumn Leaves

Hey Y'all! I created this fall design for TheNailDutchess' nail art contest she is having on her youtube channel. It is inspired by fall leaves. This is my favorite time of year! I love the colors of the leaves as they change when the weather does.

To create this design I made a glitter mix with copper & gold fine glitter and copper, gold & orange tinsel shred glitter. Over that I applied orange & brown foil glitter to create the backround. Then I decorated the design with leaves I made from yellow, orange & red acrylic.

I hope y'all enjoy this design!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Ringu part 1

Muahahahaha! I've done my 1st Halloween design dedicated to one of my favorite movies of all time, Ringu. That is the ORIGINAL Japanese version! If you're interested in watching it, you can find that & hundreds of other Asian horror movies at!

To make this design I made a white glitter mix with black to create a static effect for the tip. After I encapsulated that I made a black bar at the tip and the manicure line of the nail with black acrylic mixed with black gkitter. Then I used black and white acrylic to create Samara appearing to come out of the television screen. =DDD

Hope y'all like it!

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