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Friday, September 24, 2010

French Rose

Hey Y'all! Ive been busy =D I'll be adding a few more posts so I hope you'll enjoy. This design is a french manicure that I decorated with a pink & white rose I sculpted from acrylic. I also used a pink ribbon with white polka dots that I got from Michaels as the french line. I recently updated my acrylic products & this is the 1st design I made with the new NSI Attraction products.

I hope Y'all enjoy this design! Stay tuned for more designs very soon!


YinGreed said...

great!!!!! beautiful!!! said...

all are nice

littleindian44 said...

I think your work is awesome. I am new to this craft and I have a question about, what kind of tool do you use to hold the nail while you work on it? I have tried several things have never worked. I would truly appreciate any info in that area.
Thanks for sharing your time and talent.

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