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Friday, September 24, 2010

Candy Apple

I created this design for my fall series that I am doing on my channel. I used a red irridescent glitter acrylic and apple fimo slices as the background and to decorate I sculpted an apple! I really hope you enjoy the design. I got the fimo cane on ebay.

French Rose

Hey Y'all! Ive been busy =D I'll be adding a few more posts so I hope you'll enjoy. This design is a french manicure that I decorated with a pink & white rose I sculpted from acrylic. I also used a pink ribbon with white polka dots that I got from Michaels as the french line. I recently updated my acrylic products & this is the 1st design I made with the new NSI Attraction products.

I hope Y'all enjoy this design! Stay tuned for more designs very soon!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nail Art Through the Ages-1940's Inspired Nail Art

Hey Y'all! I recently got the opportunity to participate in a HUGE collaboration with dollface22772 on youtube! This was great fun! The theme for the collaboration was nail art through the ages. We were asked to come up with designs based on a specific decade. I requested the 1940's as my inspiration. Be sure to check out all the other fabulous designs for each era!

To create this look, I used a purple glitter mix and a lilac lace ribbon. I created a white and purple flower with a lilac swarovski crystal as the decoration. I hope you all enjoy this design!

Candy Nails with Hello Kitty Fimo

Hey y'all! this design was inspired by HelloKittyKrazy. It's another design I created for the Summer Treats series. To create this design I used yellow, pink, orange & purple glitter mixes along with a Hello Kitty fimo and a yellow & pink heart confetti to create the background. Then I used some color acrylics to create a lollipop and hard candy. Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Crab Feast

This design is the 3rd in the Summer Treats series. Inspired by Crabs & the beach! I used blue mylar flakes that I won in designernailvideos contest and white, yellow & pink crushed seashells that I got from karlinsu88 on ebay. The crab & seaweed are hand sculpted with acrylic! I also used a purple craft seashell. I hope you all enjoy!

Banana Split

Hey Y'all! This is the 2nd in the Summer Treats series. Inspired by yummy banana splits! To create this design I used yellow mylar flakes I won in designernailvideos' contest and rainbow minibeads I won in dollface22772's contest. the banana & ice cream are hand sculpted with acrylic.


This design is the 1st in a short collection I did for the end of Summer. It's inspired by Icee's =D. To create the look I used a turquoise glitter mix that I made fronm fine, small & large hexagon and shred glitters. It is all hand sculpted from acrylic!

Argyle Back to School Design

Hey Y'all! I know it's been forever since my last post. So sorry but I do have several designs that I'll be posting! The first is a back to school design that I created with argyle ribbon from A.C. Moore and a pink swarovski crystal. Hope you like it!

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