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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Inspirations Contest!!!

Hey yall so I finally figured out the theme of the contest!!! =D INSPIRATIONS! This contest is being held to celebrate my 1,000 subbies!!! Thank u so much for all ur great support! U have NO IDEA how much it means to me! When I feel like I can't do nothin rite y'all are always rite there with words of encouragement! I freakin luv u guyzzzz!!! & since some o my fave subbies just happen to be my best inspiration....this contest theme seemed so fitting.
There will be 1 video winner and 2 comment winners.
Video portion:
1. Submit a design inspired by as many utubers as u can =D
2. Leave a link to their channel and design {if inspired by a specific design} in the description of your video. Can be inspired by a look, design or materials used.
3. Title ur video My entry to lololicious69's inspirations nail art contest
4. You can enter up to 3 times.
5. Must be a video response to this video.

Comment portion:
1. Leave a comment to this video telling the username of your favorite utube nail art designer {NOT ME}
2. Only one entry per person. More than 1 entry will be disqualified.

Contest ends on 8/31/10 @ 12 pm EST
Under 18 must have parents permission
Contest is open internationally
*****MUST BE A SUBBIE=D*****

Questions left as a comment will not count as entries so no worries

Hope y'all like the idea =D

Here's the announcement video which contains my rambling rants as well =D

Here is a video of the prizes along with some picture! Hope you all enjoy!

1st Comment Prizes:

2nd Comment Prizes:

Nail Art Design Prizes:


maRyya said...

so cute!
i love your blog and i'm following you
please pass by my blog if you have time

Tessa said...

Hi! Nice blog you got there :)
I'm a follower now!

Maybe you can follow my blog too?

Tessa said...

Hi! Nice blog you got there :)
I'm a follower now!

Maybe you can follow my blog too?

Charity said...

im following =D

Charity said...

Nice blog hun

Be sure to join me on Facebook!

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