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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Red Hot Diamonds

Hey y'all! This design was inspired by several different youtube users. Creating this design is one of the things that made me decide on the theme for my youtube contest. Please be sure to enter! I'll do a seperate post for that. Im so sorry I am behind posting here on my blog. I also posted an update video that you can check out. In that I explain what is keeping me from posting as of late.

Anyways...let's get to the inspiration for this design! First thing that made me want to try this design was the red & yellow mylar flakes I received from designernailvideos contest. I could not wait to try the awesome prizes I won in her contest! don't forget that you can get most of the products I won from her website Designer Nail Supply! The ladies that inspired my abstract design were configure1973 for her suberb freehand and also madamluck for turning me on to the $ tree nail art stripers. the half moon tips were inspired by andreajk182, she also has an online nail supply store The Rock Star Nails so be sure to check her out!

Recently, I have subbed to a lovely lady hairtrends4u who has a channel focusing on hair, fashion and general life advice. She also has a website Hairtrends4u where she offers wigs, handbags, shoes, accessories & more!!! Be sure to visit =D
Her outfits of the day got me inspired to do a design in the colors yellow & red and I wanted to make a design for her that would match some of her outfits since she is celebrated reachin 1,000 subbies =D . She also inspired the swarovski crystals because she calls her subbies Diamonds.

Another huge inspiration for this design was dollface22772s recent super hot Bonfire design! Soon as I saw it the mylar popped right in my head. God I really love her work and she is cool as ice =D She always inspires us all on youtube and I am still giddy at the fact that she made partner! One thing I was sad about was that I had to take off that falling hearts design a week early cs I wont have time to do my nails this weekend cs I gotta work & me & hubby got a date to the Bob Marly festival =D YAY Roots, rock, reggae mon LOL But anyway...she sells the cutest vintage style jewlry in her Etsy store Littlest Charm Factory. So check it out. Ive got my eye on that angry skull ring. Feels so tokidoki =D

Well ladies I hope you all enjoy this design. There's only one thing I don't like about stupid freehand reminds me of mcdonalds XDDD or ketsup & mustard hehehe. Can you tell Im sleep deprived???



soooo niceee
really like this!

SilhouetteScreams said...

Whoa, these are INSANE. Therefore I love them :)

Lovingnails said...

Wow! This is really awesome!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous design! I absolutely love it!

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