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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tiger Lily Mother's Day Nail Art

Hey Y'all! I made this design for Mother's Day! The look is inspired by the Tiger Lily flower. I really love them, they're so exotic!

For this design, I used metallic plum and translucent acrylic glitter acrylic under plum holographic and iridescent shreds encased in clear acrylic. I created a tiger lily as my decorations with gold mini beads as an accent. I used baby pink and golden yellow acrylic I made from L.A. Colors eye shadows. I got the glitters that I used from Micheal's & JoAnn's. I got the mini beads on ebay.

My 1st blog contest ends tonight at 12AM E.S.T. I will make the winner announcement sometime before Friday but I'm hoping it will be by Wednesday at the latest. When I make the announcement I will also be announcing May's prizes and rules =) We're going to make it much easier this time ;) I have also make a haul video of some things I've been gtting from local craft stores, so look forward to that.

Happy Mother's Day Beautiful Ladies!!!!


HelloKittyKrazy AKA KittyChanKrazy! lol said...

I love this!!!!!!! OMG

HelloKittyKrazy AKA KittyChanKrazy! lol said...

I also love the ring you are wearing!! ^_^

Charity said...


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