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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hey Ladies! I have done a new set on my nails that is very summery! I really hope that this design inspires some great summer nail art designs!

To create this design I used two glitter mixes that I made myself. I went a little crazy with the mix and I think I may ave left some out. LOL! I'm pretty sure that I also added the Doodlebug sugar coating glitters that go with the small hexagon glitters too. =D {Those are the ones I got from A.C.Moore} One was pink and the other green.

To make the pink mix, I used the neon pink glitter I got from Joann's, the hot pink hexagon glitter I got from A.C. Moore and the light pink hexagram, & light pink & red shred glitter that I got from Tamanala store on ebay.

The green glitter mix I made with the neon green glitter from Joann's, lime green small hexagon glitter from A.C. Moore, and the neon green & lime green small hexagon and lime green shred glitter I got from Tamanala on ebay.

The decorations I used were kiwi and watermelon fimo clay slices that I got from de-palace ebay store and plastic strawberries that I got from my favorite ebay seller Karlinsu88.

On another note, I'm excited to announce that I have created a 3D Nail Art fan page on facebook! Please like my page and add it as a favorite =D I will e posting links with pictures of stuff I uy and stuff I wanna buy. {So it'll be great!} I'd also really appreciate if y'all could also post links to items that you think we all may find interesting! This'll be a great way to share. If participation grows, I will be looking for a few fellow nail art shoppaholics to serve as admin for the page =)

Enjoy the tutorial! Have a great week Y'all!


L. said...

I love this one!!!

Charity said...

Thank you!

KittychanKrazy!! said...

Omg !! love it!! i was going to do something like this but instead of a bunch of fruit just strawberries and leaves with spring colors..!! this is gorgeous!!!

Charity said...

Thanks sweetie! Can't wait to see it =D

SilhouetteScreams said...

I love and pink and lime green together, so this is LOVE <3

Crysta said...

I love the colors & theme! So pretty

Kesha said...

I love this design. What size brush are you using and where can I purchase one? BEAUTIFUL DESIGN!!!

Charity said...

thank u! I got the brushes from ebay. Karlinsu I have the set sizes 2-12

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