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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Royal Rose Wedding Design

Hey Y'all! This is another wedding look I created. I'm liking this one much better. It's pretty simple and didn't take very long. I just want to note something about this design. For the nail bed, I used an acrylic mix that I made with foundation. I got the idea from pursebuzz. She made a tutorial showing how to make a nude polish using foundation so I wanted to try it out. I know it looks weird on the practice nail =P and I think it's a bit dark for me but I'll see how it looks lightened up a bit.

Anyway, for this look I used the same glitter mixes as I did for the last design so you can check out the details on that post. I did take better pics of the stuff I used for each mix and they're pretty self explanatory.

Well I'll keep it short Ladies, I've got to get to bed. I'll be off for a week so I'll be doing a lot more design. PLUS...Dollface is having an awesome 3D Extravaganza Nail Art contest so I'll be working hard on that!!!! I'm so freakin excited!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wedding Design with a Bow

Hey Y'all! Since June is wedding month and right around the corner, I decided to do a few wedding looks. This design is the first of these looks. This one is...well, I'm not really too sure about this one. It's very busy because I went a little berserk and put everything in it but the kitchen sink! =D I really have been wanting to try some of my glitters and haven't had the chance because I've been so busy and when I'm not busy I'm just beat!

Anyway, for this design I used a white acrylic glitter mix as the base faded into a gold glitter mix. To create the white I used white acrylic mixed with fine, small hexagon, and shred white holographic glitters. I used small chunky and shred gold glitters mixed with clear acrylic to make the gold glitter mix. To create the bow I used white acrylic mixed with the fine white holographic glitters.

I also used some confetti in this design. I used solid and hollow heart confetti in gold and white then encapsulated the nail with clear acrylic. To decorate the nail, I created the bow with white acrylic mixed with the fine white holographic glitters. Then I used the pearl heart as the knot and surrounded that with gold mini beads.

I hope y'all like it! On a side week I have off from Wednesday through the holiday. Yay!!!! So I am hoping to do a lot of designs!!! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hey Ladies! I have done a new set on my nails that is very summery! I really hope that this design inspires some great summer nail art designs!

To create this design I used two glitter mixes that I made myself. I went a little crazy with the mix and I think I may ave left some out. LOL! I'm pretty sure that I also added the Doodlebug sugar coating glitters that go with the small hexagon glitters too. =D {Those are the ones I got from A.C.Moore} One was pink and the other green.

To make the pink mix, I used the neon pink glitter I got from Joann's, the hot pink hexagon glitter I got from A.C. Moore and the light pink hexagram, & light pink & red shred glitter that I got from Tamanala store on ebay.

The green glitter mix I made with the neon green glitter from Joann's, lime green small hexagon glitter from A.C. Moore, and the neon green & lime green small hexagon and lime green shred glitter I got from Tamanala on ebay.

The decorations I used were kiwi and watermelon fimo clay slices that I got from de-palace ebay store and plastic strawberries that I got from my favorite ebay seller Karlinsu88.

On another note, I'm excited to announce that I have created a 3D Nail Art fan page on facebook! Please like my page and add it as a favorite =D I will e posting links with pictures of stuff I uy and stuff I wanna buy. {So it'll be great!} I'd also really appreciate if y'all could also post links to items that you think we all may find interesting! This'll be a great way to share. If participation grows, I will be looking for a few fellow nail art shoppaholics to serve as admin for the page =)

Enjoy the tutorial! Have a great week Y'all!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Contest & Giveaway Winners

Hey Y'all! I'm so sorry it took so long to bring this announcement! I have been going through some rough times with my car, which brings me to another sad announcement =( I won't be able to do monthly contests for a while because I've had to spend thousands of dollars to get my stupid car fixed and the worst part is that after I brought it home, it's still not fixed properly. So I'm really sorry about that. I will still have giveaways, as you could see from my storage collection, I've already purchased many prizes. I would just hate to hold the giveaway and then not have the money for shipping. So I'm going to hold off on the next giveaway until next month. I hope that you all will be understanding and have patience with my situation and continue to support me.

Now for the winner of my 1st blog giveaway. After tallying everyone's entries I went to to choose the winner. I'm very happy to announce the winner is HelloKittyKrazy from Nails & Plenty blog! She is a very lucky young lady indeed! =) She also won my last designer nail art contest that I held on youtube!

I have also chosen the winner of my prom nail art contest as well. Congrats to configure1973 for her gorgeous entry! It was so fabulous and I loved it so much!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Corsage Inspired Nail Art

Hey Ladies! Here's another Prom nail art design I created. This design was inspired by a corsage that configure1973 recently purchased . I was SO Happy when I saw this video because I was racking my brain trying to figure out what to do with them feathers! As soon as I saw it I knew what to do! LOL! I was also glad to have the chance to use my new Doodlebug Glitters and the shreds I got From Tamanala and my red holographic that I got was back around Valentine's Day!

Here's a list of the producs I used:
Acrylics~ Clear, Red Glitter, Metallic Red, and Green
Glitters~ Red Holographic, Red Shreds, Small Black Hexagon, and Large Black Hexagon.
Black Mini Beads
Red and Black Feathers
Clear Polish

Another youtuber that was a big influence on this design was andreajk182. She does these totally awesome glitter mixes that I really love. She is the 1st person I saw make a nail art tutorial with feathers and I have been wanting to see one! Also I love the crescent moon filing that she does. I love have my nails sharp at the corners like that. =D So I had to try it! It really sets the look off! She has a website called The Rock Star Nails where she sells her glitter mixes and the prices are very good, so be sure to check it out! I hope Y'all love it!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Craft Store Haul

Hey Ladies! As usual, I've been shopping... I've recently been finding some good coupons for my local craft stores, so I wanted to share. I also wanted to show the last few things I got from Ebay.

I found a printable coupon for A.C. Moore for 40% off your entire purchase! Can you believe I didn't know there was one around here?! When I went to check it out, I noticed it's a bit more pricey than Michael's or JoAnn's but they have a lot of stuff that they don't as you'll see. So I was very pleased to get this coupon. Unfortunately, the last I didn't get on sale. =(

Doodlebug Sugar Coating Chunky Glitter's regular price is $19.99 but $11.99 with the 40% off coupon.

Doodlebug Sugar Coating Glitter Assortment regular price $16.99 but $10.19 with 40% off.

Craft feathers regular price $2.49 the 40% discount brought the price to $1.49 The pack came with red, blue, hot pink, green, yellow, white and purple.

I didn't get theses craft shells on sale, I can't remember exactly how much these cost but I know they were less than $4.00.

I am really sad that I didn't get these Sable Kolinsky brushes with my 40% off coupon even though I bought them the same day cause I was gonna get them @ Michael's but they didn't have any so I had to go back to A.C. Moore to get them. =( I got size 1 which cost $8 and size 2 which cost $12.

The only thing that I got from Michael's was This Martha Stewart's iridescent hearts & stars glitter. The retail price is $19.99 but it was $11.99 with the 40% off one item coupon.

These last 3 items I got from ebeautyhouse on Ebay.

Rhinestone wheel $1.18

4 size pearl wheel $1.88

1,000 4mm Pearl Hearts $2.99

I deco'd my phone up with the pearls, the pink and clear heart rhinestones I got from Karlinsu88 and some pink and clear rhinestone's I got from Michael's a while ago. =D Here's a pic... It came out OK, I should have got swarovski's though. Oh's cute though =)

In case you like to hear me ramble, here's the video haul. =) Gotta love the wii shopping soundtrack. LOL Hubby been buyin old Intedo games so much I was whistleing this at work Friday! =P

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tiger Lily Mother's Day Nail Art

Hey Y'all! I made this design for Mother's Day! The look is inspired by the Tiger Lily flower. I really love them, they're so exotic!

For this design, I used metallic plum and translucent acrylic glitter acrylic under plum holographic and iridescent shreds encased in clear acrylic. I created a tiger lily as my decorations with gold mini beads as an accent. I used baby pink and golden yellow acrylic I made from L.A. Colors eye shadows. I got the glitters that I used from Micheal's & JoAnn's. I got the mini beads on ebay.

My 1st blog contest ends tonight at 12AM E.S.T. I will make the winner announcement sometime before Friday but I'm hoping it will be by Wednesday at the latest. When I make the announcement I will also be announcing May's prizes and rules =) We're going to make it much easier this time ;) I have also make a haul video of some things I've been gtting from local craft stores, so look forward to that.

Happy Mother's Day Beautiful Ladies!!!!

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