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Saturday, April 10, 2010


Hey there ladies! =D This design is my 2nd & final expert level entry to madamluck's mega nail art contest. Don't forget to try entering. The prizes are fabulous.

This design has a bit of a sad tale to it. I originally did it as a full hand mural in hand paint, but when I was converting the video files...I accidentally deleted half of them! So I guess I should just stick with the 3d nail art designs then =P Here's a picture of the full hand mural just so you can see.

For this design I used several color acrylics that I mixed myself. You'll find the video tutorial is on the tips & trix page. I used light & dark blue to create the water background. Then I created a Koi fish with white acrylic. I used forest green acrylic to create a lily pad and a mix of white, light pink and dark pink to make the water lily. I also used some small round holographic glitters on the Koi fish to look like scales.

I know this design isn't for everyone and it's not really something I would necessarily wear. {Well I might} I wanted to create a design that was very unique and artistic. I hope that you ladies enjoy!


Kitty chan Krazy =(^ - ^)= said...

That is so Beautiful!!! The Hand Painted 0o0omg! I absolutely love it!! and the 3d is soooo Kawaii!!!

Charity said...

Thank you girl! I thought you might like it =)

afissisorida said...

u do such great work! I would love it if you stopped by my blog too and showed some love! :) I just posted some new beauty blogs myself, new to this whole blogger thing. THANKS A ZILLION!! :)

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