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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Prom Nail Art Contest Entries

Hey Y'all! I just wanted to share this playlist of the entries to my Prom Nail Art Contest. So many great entries! I knew my awesome subbies would blow my mind and the ladies aren't letting me down. Still a couple more weeks to go and once again, I'm totally enthralled! Those of you who haven't entered have plenty of time so keep em coming. I'll be adding the new entries as soon as I receive them so check back often for updates!

Ladies, you also still have a couple of weeks to enter my 1st Monthly Blog Giveaway. So don't forget about that. There are some of y'all that have a lot of entries, but didn't do all of the mandatory entries so I'm afraid you won't have a chance to win. =( I realize now that I made a lot of rules and some people were a bit confused. Please forgive me! I will not make it so confusing for the next giveaway. I have made a spreadsheet on google documents that I will share in a seperate post this weekend once I've updated. That way you all will see your status and I'll make a video explaining how to read it. Hopefully that will help if y'all are still paying attention. =P

Enjoy the entries and I hope at least a coupe of you young ladies that have a prom to attend will get some inspiration for a look to wear! That was the main purpose for it.

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