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Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Nail Art Collection & Storage

Hey Y'all! I just uploaded a series of videos to my youtube channel showing my nail art and storage collection to date. This video was requested byHoLlYsAmAnThAa. She does awesome nail art tutorial so be sure to visit her channel!

I only began doing nail art around May of last year, and I just started doing my own acrylic about 3 months ago. This collection is what I have collected since I began back in May. I tried to make the videos as neat as possible so I've arranged into four categories in case you are looking for specific information.

I hope these videos are helpful. I comment on where I get all of my supplies during each video so you will know where these items can be purchased. I got a lot from Ebay sellers Tamanala, Karlinsu, Rhinestones and crafts and Mayutheps {which is the same seller as Karlinsu just sells mostly in euros}

Part 1- Polish & Paints

Part 2-Tools

Part 3- Glitter & Decorations

Part 4- Future Prizes!!!!


Camy said...

Awesome collection!
I would love to have so many nail art stuff!

Natita said...

Im envious LOL i want all that nice stuff u got =D very amazing collection girl..and specially cause u do such a nice things with it =D

Charity said...

Thank you ladies!

Br3nda said...

Omg...It's huge...
good for you:*

AshMarie said...

I'm actually waiting for that same drill to come to me in the mail :) How do you like it?

Grace said...

wow. great video. very thorough. :D
I love collection videos!!

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