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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Hey Ladies! This is another summer design that I created. It's pretty simple and I didn't use to many different products to create it. It's inspired by the yummy icecream treats made by good humor.

For this design, I used Neon orange glitter acrylic that I mixed myself with white glitters and acrylic glitter that I made with just the white glitters alone. I got those glitters from Joann's Fabrics. I placed a fimo slice on the nail bed under the acrylic and I also sliced a few peices from the same fimo cane to look like the pieces that you put on the edge of a glass. I just wanted to show y'all that the fimo can be used with just polish for you Ladies that don't wear acrylic nails. That's another great thing about fimo that I love! The fimo were purchased from depalace-store.

Well, my 1st blog giveaway ends this week and there was a great response! I just wanted to let y'all know that the winner will be chosen using Also my Prom nail art contest will be ending on Monday May 3rd so not much time left to get your entries in!

I hope you ladies like the design. On a side note, I know I haven't been posting much lately. That is not for lack of trying! LOL My designs have just been complete & utter failures as of late. And I've been goin nuts shoppin for glitter =D Hopefully I'll step my game up cause I want to post much more often.

Have a great week y'all!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Sakura

Hey Ladies! This design was inspired by the pictures I took the weekend before last. I haven't figured how to pull off the puffy blossoms, but I had to have a Sakura design for this spring! I love the way it turned out & I hope you do too!

To create this design I used fine turquoise glitter mixed with acrylic. I also used small and large hexagon glitter in the same shade under the acrylic. That and the fuchsia mini beads were part of the glitter collection I got from Tamanala and the fimo I got from depalace-store. To create the Sakura blossoms, I used the 3D nail art molds I got from Noxandra. I also used an expensive monomer made by A.S.P. because the cheap kind that I normally use causes the large hexagon glitters to bleed. =( To be honest...I think I might have to spend more because the application is just so much more smooth! I didn't like it for sculpting though because it didn't harden fast enough along with the fact that it gets too smooth for that.

I must apologize because I promised to make a tutorial on how I prep my nails, but that turned out to be a fail! XD But I will definitely make one and I will show you all how I remove my tips as well. Thanks again for bein so patient with me. In the meantime myglitternails is a great nail artist on youtube that has created one for nail removal and nail prep that are very helpful.

Until next time Ladies! Enjoy your week and take care!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Prom Nail Art Contest Entries

Hey Y'all! I just wanted to share this playlist of the entries to my Prom Nail Art Contest. So many great entries! I knew my awesome subbies would blow my mind and the ladies aren't letting me down. Still a couple more weeks to go and once again, I'm totally enthralled! Those of you who haven't entered have plenty of time so keep em coming. I'll be adding the new entries as soon as I receive them so check back often for updates!

Ladies, you also still have a couple of weeks to enter my 1st Monthly Blog Giveaway. So don't forget about that. There are some of y'all that have a lot of entries, but didn't do all of the mandatory entries so I'm afraid you won't have a chance to win. =( I realize now that I made a lot of rules and some people were a bit confused. Please forgive me! I will not make it so confusing for the next giveaway. I have made a spreadsheet on google documents that I will share in a seperate post this weekend once I've updated. That way you all will see your status and I'll make a video explaining how to read it. Hopefully that will help if y'all are still paying attention. =P

Enjoy the entries and I hope at least a coupe of you young ladies that have a prom to attend will get some inspiration for a look to wear! That was the main purpose for it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sring has got me Sprung!!!

Hello beauties! I just wanted to share some of the lovely scenery in my town this year. Hubby & I went for a walk this Sunday and the trees are blooming so much I had to take a few pics to share. These are Kwanzan Flowering Cherry Trees. They have me very inspired! I love Sakura and these are especially gorgeous due to the pom pom like flowers that are exploding off the branches. I'm wondering how I can achieve this look! Now I'm on a mission...See you ladies soon. Enjoy this beauty while it lasts, it always flees much to soon. Next onto the dog days of summer!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Hey there ladies! =D This design is my 2nd & final expert level entry to madamluck's mega nail art contest. Don't forget to try entering. The prizes are fabulous.

This design has a bit of a sad tale to it. I originally did it as a full hand mural in hand paint, but when I was converting the video files...I accidentally deleted half of them! So I guess I should just stick with the 3d nail art designs then =P Here's a picture of the full hand mural just so you can see.

For this design I used several color acrylics that I mixed myself. You'll find the video tutorial is on the tips & trix page. I used light & dark blue to create the water background. Then I created a Koi fish with white acrylic. I used forest green acrylic to create a lily pad and a mix of white, light pink and dark pink to make the water lily. I also used some small round holographic glitters on the Koi fish to look like scales.

I know this design isn't for everyone and it's not really something I would necessarily wear. {Well I might} I wanted to create a design that was very unique and artistic. I hope that you ladies enjoy!

Rainbow Sherbert

Hey Y'all! This is a cute summery design I created as my 1st intermediate entry to madamluck's mega nail art contest! As I said before, this contest was great and so challenging because she made 3 levels of competition: beginner, intermediate & expert. Be sure to check it out! The prizes are so awesome and she has extended it for another two weeks!

Now on to the design! For this design I used glitter acrylics that I mixed myself. For information on how I did that, check out my tips & tricks page!

First a greated a blended french manicure with the neon pink & white, neon orange & white & neon green & white glitter acrylics. Then I placed an orange and a lime fimo slice on the nail and encapsulated it in clear acrylic. Then I made a raspberry out of the neon pink & white glitter acrylic and added a bit more color with the Galax glitter polish. The last step of the design was to apply the raspberry using clear polish as an adhesive.

Hope you love it!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sawan's 259 Follower Giveaway

Hello Ladies! Sawan is having a fabulous giveaway to celebrate her 259 followers! Check out the fabulous prizes that are being offered, and be sure to follow her blog. Congratulations on so many followers!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Nail Art Collection & Storage

Hey Y'all! I just uploaded a series of videos to my youtube channel showing my nail art and storage collection to date. This video was requested byHoLlYsAmAnThAa. She does awesome nail art tutorial so be sure to visit her channel!

I only began doing nail art around May of last year, and I just started doing my own acrylic about 3 months ago. This collection is what I have collected since I began back in May. I tried to make the videos as neat as possible so I've arranged into four categories in case you are looking for specific information.

I hope these videos are helpful. I comment on where I get all of my supplies during each video so you will know where these items can be purchased. I got a lot from Ebay sellers Tamanala, Karlinsu, Rhinestones and crafts and Mayutheps {which is the same seller as Karlinsu just sells mostly in euros}

Part 1- Polish & Paints

Part 2-Tools

Part 3- Glitter & Decorations

Part 4- Future Prizes!!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

3D Nail Art Blog's 1st Monthly Blog Giveaway

Hey Ladies! I am so very excited to announce that I will be holding the 1st of my monthly blog giveaways! I really appreciate all of my followers so this is my way of showing how much it means to me that y'all take the time to visit my blog and like my nail art.

I really want my blog to be interactive so you can can let me know the things that you would like to see or find out about. It's very important to me that I help you learn new techniques, trends in nail art & were to get the best deals on nail art accessories and tools. Right now is a very crazy time economically so I know how hard it can be when you have an addiction :P So I definitely like the idea that by having these giveaways, I am helping y'all also try before you buy. =)

Since my goal is to communicate with my followers, I have decided that one of the main rules to these giveaways is that you will need to comment and give feedback on the giveaway post. So be sure to leave comments and feedback so I know what products you're interested in finding out about!

Now for this month's MANDATORY rules:

1) I will need each person to send your email address to me @ so that you can be notified if you win. You can put all of your entries in one comment post or separate posts.

Be a follower 0r e-mail subscriber of 3d Nail Art Blog.

3) 5 ENTRIES!!!
You must leave a comment to this post stating why you subscribed to my youtube channel or followed my blog. {Don't worry! My feelings won't be hurt if your response is prizes!} =D

4) 5 ENTRIES!!!
Post a comment to your favorite 3D Nail Art Blog design for the previous month.

OPTIONAL entry opportunities:

Post a comment to your favorite 3D Nail Art Blog Haul's or collection videos.

2) 5 ENTRIES!!!
Be a subscriber of my youtube channel: {Please post a link to your youtube channel}

Comment my youtube giveaway announcement video. {see below}

4) 5 ENTRIES!!!
Upload a short video about this giveaway. {Please post a link to the video}

5) 5 ENTRIES!!!
Post about this giveaway on your blog. {Post a link to blog post}
You may use the 1st picture in this post on your blog AND it will count as 2 extra entries!

6) 5 ENTRIES!!!
Add 3D Nail Art Blog in your blogroll. {Please post a link to your blog if you haven't made a post about this giveaway.}

Ends May 1st @ 12 AM EST

The rules to my monthly blog giveaway will change each month, so be sure to read the entire post =) I really hope you ladies enjoy the prizes!

Hello Kitty Pedi Kit

Elf Nail Polish Gift Set
Dark Red

6 Glitters
Neon Pink
Neon Green
Neon Orange
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Medium Round Gold
Medium Round Silver

Heart Rhinestones
12 Colors

7 Fimo Canes

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