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Monday, March 22, 2010

SpringLove Nail Art Contest Entry

Hey Y'all! This is another contest entry I recently did. This design I did on my own nails. The theme for this contest was spring love and was hosted by Mame71430. I hope you ladies enjoy.

For this design I used white acrylic mixed with iridescent fine glitter to create a french tip then encapsulated the nail with clear acrylic. Then I created butterflies with gold, turquoise and purple acrylic mixed with glitter. Each of these colored acrylics I mixed myself with the dust eye shadows that I purchased from Tamanala's ebay store.

I know that I haven't been posting much and I'm really sorry about that. I have been so busy that I have to fight to get time but I'll be posting much more often after the next couple of weeks! Take care Ladies.

Music: Morning Glory by Orlandrea Wilson


Nails & More said...

Go Lolo!!
Go Lolo!!

lurriel19 said...

wow i really like this nail look!

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