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Monday, March 22, 2010

~Rock Star~ Prom Look

Hey Ladies! I recently found a great website called that sells glitter and confetti! This site has really cute glitters that come in several different shapes and sizes and there packaging is awesome you get so much for a really cheap price! Y'all know I love that.

I couldn't wait to try them out and here is the first design I created with them. I had a bit of a time applying them because I didn't even try to find another tutorial...I just jumped in feet first! =D As you can see, I'll have to practice that but I think I've found a good method and I'll be trying it out shortly.

Well on to the tutorial! For this design I used silver and black glitter acrylic that I mixed myself. For the black I used some dust eye shadow and black glitter and for the silver I only used silver glitter.

The first step I did was to create a star in the middle of the nail with the silver glitter acrylic. Then I created a french tip surrounding the star with the pink star confetti glitter. I put a few of the star confetti's on the nail bed, encapsulated the nail with clear acrylic, then outlined the sliver star on top with the black glitter acrylic so that the 3d effect was only an outline.

Let me know what you think! For some reason I am really into prom nail ideas so I'm pretty sure that will be the theme for my next contest. Stay tuned for that. I'm just waiting for one more shipment for the last of the prizes I got for the lucky winner! =) Hopefully I'll be announcing it by the weekend. By the way, my next post will be announcing the winner of my contest that just ended.


Turtle said...


Charity said...

Aw! Thank you!

RoseBarbie said...

I love this one...specially the star on


Anita said...

I love this one! The star is so cute, and I like the colores you used :) Amazing design!


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