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Monday, March 29, 2010

Kitty Cottontail

Hey Ladies! This design has got to be my favorite that I've ever done!!! I am so pleased with how it turned out. This design is my entry to Madamluck's mega nail art contest. Her contest is skill level based and you can enter 2 times per level. So much fun and very challenging. Be sure to check out her channel and subscribe because she is another of my favorite youtubers! Her nail designs are always fabulous and she makes it look so very easy!

Now on to the design! This design was inspired by a number of elements. I wanted to do an Easter design because winter has been so long and I have Spring Fever! Of course HelloKittyKrazy always gets me inspired with her Kitty designs and cute 3d nail art designs on youtube! Now she started a blog as well! IHaveACupcake recently did an Easter bunny nail art tutorial that I thought was so adorable because the bunny had big floppy ears. Then my hubby got me a Hello Kitty Ty beany baby with a head band that was bunny ears =) That was so sweet LOL

But anyway that got me thinking. I decided that I should start drawing my design ideas when they pop in my head. And this is what came forth. Also y'all know I've been wanting to do a Hello Kitty design for quite some time now. I've been practicing but this is the 1st that I feel I should make a tutorial for. I did do one other design for a frind of mine last week but unfortunately, I didn't record it. Here's a couple pictures of that design. It was actually on her natural nails & I made Kitty's face on aluminum foil.

But, I digress! Lol! For the Kitty Cottontail design I used lime green glitter acrylic with confetti flowers, baby pink acrylic, florescent pink glitter acrylic, white and clear acrylic. All the acrylics were mixed by me. I got the glitters from JoAnn's Fabrics and the baby pink was made from L.A. Colors pink eye shimmer dust.

I have gotten some requests recently to show how I mix my glitter & color acrylics and I will be doing that and an updated storage and nail art collection video as well. In the past few months since my 1st video I have gotten A Lot of stuff. It's a bit disturbing! LOL! On another note, I'm still waiting to receive the last part of my contest prize =( But if I don't get it by April 1st, I'll begin my contest anyway!

I hope you ladies enjoy this design!


MadamLuck said...

i love how you did this...just so very cute!!

Charity said...

Thank u sweety

Camy said...

This is so pretty!
Good luck hun!

Br3nda said...

It's so damn cute...

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