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Monday, March 29, 2010

Ebony & Ivory

Hey ladies! I created this design as an entry to bajanspice1978's 1st subscriber appreciation contest. The theme for this contest was to create a design inspired by you ethnic or cultural background. Being Mulatto the song Ebony & Ivory really seems appropriate. Of course the song also reminds me of the piano as well so I decided to create a keyboard design.

For this design I used black & white polish ans nail art stripers. The nail art decorations I used were a lace stickers & then I created music notes with black & white acrylic. I created the white note on the nail, which was a bad idea because it caused the polish to run. To avoid that problem, I created the black note on a piece of aluminum foil. I learned that trick from HelloKittyKrazy so be sure to check out her blog & youtube channel.

I hope y'all enjoy this design! Here are a few pictures of the design. The tutorial is at the end. Have a great week!


Alice said...

Wow you creat such beautiful nail designs! Its fantastic, you have a lot of talent! ^_^

Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog, i truly appreciate it!

Take care!

Charity said...

Your welcome Alice =) thank you so much for following & subbing as well. I really appreciate it.

Natita said...

=D i love the purple glitter =D its truly 'fantastic' and since my favorite genre to read is fantasy.. well u truly got me here... awesome as always =D

Natita said...

LOL i accidentally wrote my comment on this entry i meant it to be on your fantasia design OMG im so sorry dummie nat LOL im not very used to blogs LOL im sorryyyyyyy although this design its really nice i love piano and music so i def loved it as well

cayleeiscool said...

I love this, im going to try and do this!

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