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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Prom Nail Art Contest

Hey Y'all! Well finally I received all the items I got for the contest and have had a moment to upload the video.
The theme for this contest is Prom Nail Art designs. If you haven't seen this year's looks yet, check out maya575p's youtube and her 2010 Prom dresses & 2010 Short prom dresses for inspiration. She also has some good videos with hairstyle looks for prom. I've seen some dresses for this season and I bet y'all can come up with the awesome design so I can't wait to see what you got. =)

The rules of the contest are basically the same as last one:

1. You must be a subscriber.
2. You must follow my blog.
3. Must be an original video & design.
4.No stamping. You can use rhinestones and any nail decorations! {I love it =)}
5. You should post your entry as a video response to this video.
6. It can be either a live tutorial or a slide show but you must show the steps of your design.
7. You must title your video My entry to lololicious69's prom nail art contest.
8. You can enter as many times as you want!
9. This contest is open internationally.
10. Contest ends at 12:00 AM EST on Monday May 3.


Hey Y'all! This is the design I'm currently wearing on my nails. I created it with Stardust confetti glitter from mixed with acrylic. They have glitter kits that are so cute! I also used silver glitter acrylic that I mixed with silver glitter I got from Michael's craft store. I topped the design off with tiny Turquoise star Rhinestones that I got from karlinsu88 ebay store.

For this design I made my thumb different than my other fingers. I faded my stardust glitter on that tip & I did the other tips with a smile line. After applying the glitter to the tips I encapsulated the entire nail with clear acrylic & then filed & shaped the nail.

To decorate my design, I created a star on the tip of the thumb and a crescent moon at the manicure line for the rest of my nails. I did this with the silver glitter acrylic. And as a final touch, I applied a small turquoise star near the cuticle of each nail.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Kitty Cottontail

Hey Ladies! This design has got to be my favorite that I've ever done!!! I am so pleased with how it turned out. This design is my entry to Madamluck's mega nail art contest. Her contest is skill level based and you can enter 2 times per level. So much fun and very challenging. Be sure to check out her channel and subscribe because she is another of my favorite youtubers! Her nail designs are always fabulous and she makes it look so very easy!

Now on to the design! This design was inspired by a number of elements. I wanted to do an Easter design because winter has been so long and I have Spring Fever! Of course HelloKittyKrazy always gets me inspired with her Kitty designs and cute 3d nail art designs on youtube! Now she started a blog as well! IHaveACupcake recently did an Easter bunny nail art tutorial that I thought was so adorable because the bunny had big floppy ears. Then my hubby got me a Hello Kitty Ty beany baby with a head band that was bunny ears =) That was so sweet LOL

But anyway that got me thinking. I decided that I should start drawing my design ideas when they pop in my head. And this is what came forth. Also y'all know I've been wanting to do a Hello Kitty design for quite some time now. I've been practicing but this is the 1st that I feel I should make a tutorial for. I did do one other design for a frind of mine last week but unfortunately, I didn't record it. Here's a couple pictures of that design. It was actually on her natural nails & I made Kitty's face on aluminum foil.

But, I digress! Lol! For the Kitty Cottontail design I used lime green glitter acrylic with confetti flowers, baby pink acrylic, florescent pink glitter acrylic, white and clear acrylic. All the acrylics were mixed by me. I got the glitters from JoAnn's Fabrics and the baby pink was made from L.A. Colors pink eye shimmer dust.

I have gotten some requests recently to show how I mix my glitter & color acrylics and I will be doing that and an updated storage and nail art collection video as well. In the past few months since my 1st video I have gotten A Lot of stuff. It's a bit disturbing! LOL! On another note, I'm still waiting to receive the last part of my contest prize =( But if I don't get it by April 1st, I'll begin my contest anyway!

I hope you ladies enjoy this design!

Ebony & Ivory

Hey ladies! I created this design as an entry to bajanspice1978's 1st subscriber appreciation contest. The theme for this contest was to create a design inspired by you ethnic or cultural background. Being Mulatto the song Ebony & Ivory really seems appropriate. Of course the song also reminds me of the piano as well so I decided to create a keyboard design.

For this design I used black & white polish ans nail art stripers. The nail art decorations I used were a lace stickers & then I created music notes with black & white acrylic. I created the white note on the nail, which was a bad idea because it caused the polish to run. To avoid that problem, I created the black note on a piece of aluminum foil. I learned that trick from HelloKittyKrazy so be sure to check out her blog & youtube channel.

I hope y'all enjoy this design! Here are a few pictures of the design. The tutorial is at the end. Have a great week!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Winner of my Designer nail Nail Art Contest

Hello Ladies!

1st of all I want to thank ALL of you who entered my 1st contest! There were so many gorgeous entries that I truly had a very hard time deciding the winner!

It actually took me a little longer than I had originally expected.

I had no clue that there would be so many entries. Ladies thank you all so much for the time and effort you put into creating the designs for your entries.

I feel so bad because I wish that I could give everyone a gift, but I decided from the beginning...only 1 can win.

So, without further delay the winner of my 1st nail art contest is Kitty chan Chanel Nail by HelloKittyKrazy!

Her entry was absolutely the cutest thing I have seen! Be sure to check out her channel and subscribe! Her nail art is so awesome.

HelloKittyKrazy thank you so much for your fabulous entry & congratulations on winning! Please contact me with your shipping info so I can get your prize right out to you ASAP =D

I hope you enjoy and be sure to send me the videos you make with the prizes.

Again Ladies...Thank you all so much for your fabulous entries and don't feel bad if you didn't win this time. My next contest is LITERALLY right around the corner. ;)

Stay tuned!

~Rock Star~ Prom Look

Hey Ladies! I recently found a great website called that sells glitter and confetti! This site has really cute glitters that come in several different shapes and sizes and there packaging is awesome you get so much for a really cheap price! Y'all know I love that.

I couldn't wait to try them out and here is the first design I created with them. I had a bit of a time applying them because I didn't even try to find another tutorial...I just jumped in feet first! =D As you can see, I'll have to practice that but I think I've found a good method and I'll be trying it out shortly.

Well on to the tutorial! For this design I used silver and black glitter acrylic that I mixed myself. For the black I used some dust eye shadow and black glitter and for the silver I only used silver glitter.

The first step I did was to create a star in the middle of the nail with the silver glitter acrylic. Then I created a french tip surrounding the star with the pink star confetti glitter. I put a few of the star confetti's on the nail bed, encapsulated the nail with clear acrylic, then outlined the sliver star on top with the black glitter acrylic so that the 3d effect was only an outline.

Let me know what you think! For some reason I am really into prom nail ideas so I'm pretty sure that will be the theme for my next contest. Stay tuned for that. I'm just waiting for one more shipment for the last of the prizes I got for the lucky winner! =) Hopefully I'll be announcing it by the weekend. By the way, my next post will be announcing the winner of my contest that just ended.

SpringLove Nail Art Contest Entry

Hey Y'all! This is another contest entry I recently did. This design I did on my own nails. The theme for this contest was spring love and was hosted by Mame71430. I hope you ladies enjoy.

For this design I used white acrylic mixed with iridescent fine glitter to create a french tip then encapsulated the nail with clear acrylic. Then I created butterflies with gold, turquoise and purple acrylic mixed with glitter. Each of these colored acrylics I mixed myself with the dust eye shadows that I purchased from Tamanala's ebay store.

I know that I haven't been posting much and I'm really sorry about that. I have been so busy that I have to fight to get time but I'll be posting much more often after the next couple of weeks! Take care Ladies.

Music: Morning Glory by Orlandrea Wilson

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Different Strokes

Hey Y'all! I did this design last week as an entry to Linda165's First Nail Art Contest/Giveaway. This contest was really fun!!! The theme was different strokes as the title states. What does that mean you ask? Well she requested designs that has more than one pattern. What a fun challenge!

For this design I wanted to do mostly hand paint since I haven't really been practicing that much. I definitely wanted it to be different so I chose two opposing patterns. I created a french manicure for the design and painted the tip plaid and the nail bed with a paisley pattern.

I decided to go with bright summery colors as I am so ready for it! I used Cuty hot pink polish by Sinful Colors, 220 Volts by Funky Fingers, Black Creme Lace by Love my Nails, and White Tips by G-1. I used nail art stripers as well, to accent the design. Luckily I had some that went perfectly with the polish colors I chose. I went with white, black, turquoise & pink glow nail art stripers.

Well...the contest is almost over and very soon the winners will be announced! This has been a really fun experience and I am just about ready for another! I hope you ladies are as well! Spring is here and it's time for rejuvenation! Let's get our creative juices flowing! I hope y'all are ready to find out the contest winner & another surprise I have in store for you. Until then I hope you enjoy the tutorial! Take care!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Contest update

Hey Ladies! Long time no post rite? So sorry bout that I've been so busy with life. I have made major changes to my website and I still have a ways to go. My youtube is gaining so many subscribbers, I can't believe it! Over 200 now! I have a couple of tutorials I'm working on so look out for those.

In the meantime check out the entries to my contest so far. Thank you SO MUCH to all who have entered! You don't know how much it means to me. All the entries are so awesome,I am going to have such a hard time choosing!

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