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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tokidoki Valentine...Till Death Do Us Part

Hey Y'all! This is my Tokidoki inspired Valentine's day 3d nail art design. Tokidoki is a skate design collection by Simone Legno. His art is very cute & I absolutely love it! Some peices that are available in his collection are purses, clothing, jewelry and much more. And the best thing is that he has a Hello Kitty collection that is just too awesome for mere words! The Hello Kitty for Tokidoki is super cute & merchandise can be purchased from Sanrio &

Here is a picture of the cute couple that I used as reference.

Unfortunately, the collection is a bit pricey so the only thing I have purchased is this cell phone strap which I got from Strapya World and the Leo print bag. I got the bag from Ebay. They have quite a few really cute ones that came out in 2009. Well here are the Tokidoki items that I have.

I really wanted the Leo Hello Kitty bag but I couldn't bring myself to spend $300... It is very cute though!

I did create a full tutorial for this design and that you will find below along with a few more pictures. Have a great weekend!

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