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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hershey's Kisses

Here's yet another Valentine's Day 3d nail art design. It is my 1st entry to myglitternails acrylic nail art contest. The prizez for this contest are so awesome. Check them out here.This one was inspired by Valentine's Hershey's kisses. I hope y'all like it! I think its so cute!

For this design I used red, hot pink, silver & white acrylic glitter that I mixed myself. For the colored acrylic, I used clear acrylic powder and mixed regular craft glitter from Michael's and the white is white acrylic with translucent glitters. For sculpting the candies I used a size #2 sculpting brush.

I've made a full tutorial for the design and I'll post a few more pictures. I still have a couple more Valentine's Day tutorials planned so keep an eye out.

Another thing I'd like to mention is that I am 23 subscribers away from my 1st 100!!! I'm so excited and I'll be celebrating with a big contest. I hope that I'll get a lot of entries! Take care!

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