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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Queen of Hearts {entry for Dollface22772's nail art contest}

Hey Y'all! Here is my most recent contest entry to Dollface22772's Alice in Wonderland nail art contest. Be sure to check out her you tube channel she has great designs! And check out her blog while you're at it ;^)

Whenever I think of that story the Queen of Hearts always comes to mind. Being that it's almost Valentine's day I just couldn't resist creating a heart themed entry.I really love the way that the design turned out.

For this design I created a french manicure with Barely Legal polish from Sinful colors and Kaleidescope glitter polish from Wet n' Wild. I also used silver and silver glitter nail art polish to make the manicure line. All of these polishes I got from my local drug store and I got the nail art stripers at the local Beauty Mart. {AKA hair store =)}

Then I created the hearts with red and black glitter acrylics. I got the acrylics and the nail art sculpting brush set from Maytheps Ebay store. I didn't really like the way that it looked until...I added my favorite silver mini beads!!! LOL As you know I purchased them from karlinsu88nailexpert ebay store.

Hope you like this design and here are a few pictures.

And finally a full hand tutorial! Sorry it took so long to get to this point. Take care y'all. More Valentine's day designs coming up shortly!

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