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Sunday, December 6, 2009

My entry for pinkpupuyya's Winter Wonerdland nail art contest

First I painted the tip of the nail silver and the rest blue with black gradation. To this I applied glitter polish with extra on the silver tip for very shimmery snow. I used silver stripper nail art polish to create garland on the tree, then I put silver glitter stripper nail art polish over that.

To make the tree, I used white acrylic craft paint with a very thin brush. I painted diagonal lines in the shape of an upward pointing arrow. After the craft paint was completely dry I used the glitter polish over it to look like snow.

The decorations I used for this design were silver mini beads, hot pink 2mm pearls and a hot pink star rhinestone. I put the silver mini beads over the lines of garland because the silver lines were barely visible. I used the hot pink mini pearls as the ornaments. And finally, I topped my Christmas tree with the hot pinks star rhinestone.

I hope y'all enjoyed my tutorial and learned some new techniques and also got some inspiration! Stay tuned, I'm working on another contest entry video and should have it uploaded by Monday.

1 comment:

melissawho? said...

Awesome! I love it,so pretty. You are very very talented. When you open up your own shop I want a job!!

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